1 Hotel Hanalei Bay Now Accepting Reservations

1 Hotel Hanalei Bay

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1 Hotel Hanalei Bay is now accepting reservations in anticipation of the wellness sanctuary's debut in the spring of 2022. Beautifully intertwined with the sparkling waters, moss-covered cliffs, and lush tropical flora of Kauaʻi, the flagship property of 1 Hotels and Resorts, is more than a wellness retreat — it's a harmonious extension of the natural world. 1 Hotel Hanalei Bay is the quintessential venue for true wanderlusters, future newlyweds, and business groups to indulge in the unsurpassed beauty of Kauaʻi, "the garden island," and surrender to the physical, mental, and spiritual serenity it has to offer.

The resort is currently undergoing a $250 million transformative re-imagination, allowing 1 Hotel Hanalei Bay to emerge from the stale chrysalis of the past and better honor the local culture, safeguard the natural world, and open every possible inch of the property to the island's healing enchantment. 1 Hotels has both physically and metaphorically shattered ceilings, opening the sanctuary to nature in a way that has never been done. Every corner of this irreplaceable property is being reimagined — the results will boast 252 transformed rooms and suites, a 7,900 square-foot wellness center, renovated pools including the addition of a new adult pool with sweeping tropical views, and an 18,000 square-foot spa and fitness center. Holistic treatment offerings will also be focused on transformative growth, ranging from Ayurvedic therapy to infrared sauna sessions and customized for optimal efficacy.

On-site nutritionists, integrative medicine doctors, physical trainers, meditation guides, and wellness experts will offer 24/7 guidance to ensure each guest leaves with a deeper understanding of the mind-body balance and a profound connection to the natural world. Five dining and beverage venues with rotating distinguished chefs will utilize on-site gardens and neighboring farms to nourish guests with fresh, local, and sustainably sourced farm-to-table fare.

1 Hotel Hanalei Bay will further redefine destination wellness with 4, 7, and 10-day customized retreats. Prior to their stay, retreat guests will be gifted with personalized wellness packages to help them ease into a mindset that will pave the way for an extraordinary wellness onsite experience. 18 retreat guest rooms are being crafted to cultivate in-suite serenity, from in-room sage burning ceremonies to circadian lighting and sleep-tracking technology. Daily personalized physical and nutritional programming will utilize low, medium, or high impact training paired with restorative therapies to foster the ultimate wellness experience. Post-retreat check-ins will remind guests of the importance of guiding the body to new dimensions amidst the distractions of everyday life.

The sublime surroundings and extraordinary offerings of this exquisite wellness sanctuary are further nurtured by the warmth, tranquility, and traditions of the Hanalei Bay community. The spirited generosity of the local community creates an unparalleled atmosphere to cultivate 360-degree wellness rituals to last a lifetime.

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