Kauaʻi’s Cliffs at Princeville Sweeps Eco-awards

Kauai’s Cliffs at Princeville

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The 202-room Cliffs at Princeville Resort on Kauaʻi recently swept a series of eco-friendly hotel awards, making it a top destination for any clients concerned about the environment.

USA Today editors and readers recently voted the Cliffs as the #1 Eco-friendly resort in the entire U.S. for 2023. The Cliffs also took the 2023 Silver RCI Green Award as a top-3 property among the more than 2,500 RCI resorts in North America. The State of Hawaiʻi joined the Cliffs accolades, giving it a "Green Hotel Award" for 2023, confirming the Cliffs’ reputation both within the state and across the country.

"It takes a lot of energy to run a business – figuratively and literally," said Hawaiʻi Chief Energy Officer, Mark B. Glick of the state’s Green Hotel Award. "Using energy efficiently helps us to make the most of our finite natural resources, which benefits everyone who lives, works, visits, and loves Hawaiʻi."

Cliffs at Princeville Eco-initiatives
Particularly after the devastating fires in Maui, travelers to Hawaiʻi will be looking to stay at properties that are in tune with the local environment. The less energy used, the lower the chance for power line-related mishaps in a sometimes overwhelmed Hawaiian grid system.

  • Renewable energy: The Cliffs produced more than 1 million kilowatts of electricity via solar and other means last year, equivalent to 79% of the total electric demand of the resort, offsetting the need for 640 barrels of imported oil.
  • Reduced water and energy usage: The Cliffs saved 624,300 gallons of water usage, a 5.8% reduction from the resort's 2018 baseline, while LED light installation across the resort has reduced power usage.
  • Customer water stations: The resort's FloWater stations offset more than 67,677 plastic 12-ounce bottles in the past year, dispensing water enough to fill 250,000 bottles for guests since 2019.
  • Improved recycling: The Cliffs recycled 953.4 cubic yards of material representing 36% of solid waste generated there, a 127% increase over 2018.
  • Electric car rental: A new resort feature, Hawaiʻi’s first electric car rental program with two Tesla model 3’s for rent to guests, taking gas-powered vehicles off the roads.
  • Guest volunteer programs: The Cliffs facilitates guests joining Surfrider Kauaʻi's Net Patrol and Ocean Friendly Visitors Program, initiated in 2021.
Kauai’s Cliffs at Princeville

Cliffs at Princeville Resort Features
While visitors will appreciate the eco-friendly nature of the Cliffs Resort, what they’re mostly coming to Kauaʻi to enjoy is a resort in a beautiful setting. The Cliffs answers the call with a spectacular setting across 22 acres of lush landscape is perched on 70-foot tall cliffs (hence the name) overlooking the Pacific.

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