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Hanalei Bay, Kauai
Hanalei Bay, Kauai

Source & Image: everettpotter.com

The view over Hanalei Bay on the north shore of Kauai must be one of the most wondrous in the world. With a backdrop of the rugged mountains that form the Napali Coast, looking like a dragon’s back covered in green, it’s a setting that has drawn filmmakers to shoot The Descendants, Jurassic Park and South Pacific, among many other movies. This Bay still has something wonderfully primeval about it, even when viewed from the tony perch of the St Regis Princeville Resort.

So it was that one morning of our recent stay, we headed to the beach along the Bay for an early morning snorkel and sail on an outrigger canoe from a company called Island Sails Kauai.

Having done what seems to be about a thousand such excursions in 30 years of seeing the globe, I was looking for a big sign, a youthful attendant with a clipboard, a giant catamaran at anchor, party boat provisions laid out, and 60 people milling about in T-shirts and flip flops.

There was nothing. Just the beach and beautiful Hanalei Bay, with small waves lapping at the shore.

“Maybe we’re early?” I volunteered.

We dug our toes into the wet sand and watched a half dozen surfers paddling out to the break, their bodies glistening in the morning sunshine.

“I think this where we are supposed to go,” I said to my wife and our 11 year old daughter. Soon another family of three joined us on the beach, waiting.
A few minutes later, a small red hulled outrigger canoe came out of a cove and headed directly to where we were standing. A very small boat. On board were two men and a woman. Youthful, smiling, happy: the crew.

“Trevor,” said the shy blonde haired captain, as he stepped ashore.
He was quite possibly the fittest human being I’d ever laid eyes on, with the Zen-like calm and the faraway look in the eyes that I’ve only ever seen in extreme athletes.

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Kauai Resort, Princeville at Hanalei, Luxury Hawaii Resort